Delightful Distractions

OK, I’m supposed to be finishing a blog post on shedding out a spring coat…

And, I am trying to work into my already busy schedule, an ambitious training plan for my horse to get ready for an endurance ride, but….

I found this book at the library whilst doing research on endurance and I’m enthralled.

Rough Magic, Laura Prior-Palmer

At first I thought, “what could such a young woman have to say that would interest someone who is twice her age?” I’m so glad that I took the chance. Hers is a hero’s journey, lyrically interwoven with poetry, history, a taste of the culture of Mongols and Brits, and deep reflections that come about when you ride over 100km/day in the vastness that is Mongolia.

The book is Rough Magic, by Lara Prior-Palmer. She was the first woman, and youngest competitor to ever enter, much less, win the grueling 1,000km Mongol Derby. This book is her memoir.

Her journey will come to an end, and we know the outcome. But this doesn’t detract from the savouring her story. It is written in such a way as to be consumed in bite-sized pieces snatched throughout the day or indulged for a longer, delightful period at the end of the day. I plan to return to this story again and will be adding this one to my library in hardcover and on audiobook.

She has inspired me to get back in the saddle after the winter off. Soon, I’ll be sharing my journey of getting my barefoot horse fit (and me, too!) for our first endurance ride. If only I could put the book down!